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BBB Poll 24: Brother should be eliminated with second-highest issue disapproval

BBB Poll 24: Brother should be eliminated with second-highest issue disapproval

Daffy and Michelle compete for the 11th wall of BBB 24. (Photo: Disclosure, Globo)

The eleventh wall of BBB 24 was formed by Alan, David and Michelle are in the spotlight and vying to remain in the most watched house in the country. Formation took place on Sunday (3) and elimination on Tuesday (5). As a result of the NSC Total poll, with a sample of 869,449 votes, Michel became the most voted participant. Read on to find out the voting percentage of all the pairings.

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View poll results from BBB 24's 11th wall

In the vote to choose who will leave, the participant with the most votes from BBB 24 will be eliminated. See partial results of the overall NSC poll with a sample of 869,449 votes:

Who should come out on the eleventh wall of BBB 24

BBB 24: Reasons why Daffy and Michelle could be eliminated at the 11th Wall

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Disapproval rating for those excluded from BBB 24

In the first six walls of BBB 24, it was voting for who you wanted to stay in the house. From the seventh, the vote became on the judiciary. Check below the order of rejection of those excluded from this edition by each voting stage.

He refused to vote to remain

  1. Luigi: By 7.29%. He was the sixth eliminated from BBB 24;
  2. Bezan: By 7.66%. He was the third person to be eliminated from BBB 24;
  3. What is: by 8.46%. He was the first to be eliminated from BBB 24;
  4. Vinicius: by 9.92%. He was the fifth person eliminated from BBB 24;
  5. System: By 17.14%. He was the fourth eliminated from BBB 24;
  6. Thalita: By 22.71%. She was the second one eliminated from BBB 24.
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He refused to vote on the abolition

  1. Marcos Vinicius: By 84.86%. He was the eighth eliminated from BBB 24;
  2. Rodriginho: By 78.23%. He was the tenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  3. Juninho: By 60.35%. He was the seventh eliminated from BBB 24;
  4. Denizian: By 52.02%. She was the ninth eliminated from BBB 24.

The brothers elect Davey the villain from BBB 24

How BBB's 11th Wall Was Formed 24

The formation of the eleventh wall for BBB 24 began with Lucas Henrique winning the leader race and being crowned champion. brother For the third time in this edition. During Friday's (1st) programme, the Commander placed Davy, Michelle, Isabelle and Alan in his 'Mira' – in that order.

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After five “prank” calls, the Big Fone rang in earnest on Sunday at 5:20 p.m. At the moment the phone rang, a number of participants were outside the house, but Davey hurried and heard the following message: “Be careful, you are on the wall.” If a brother is a leader, an angel, or gets immunity, he can escape the limelight and put someone in his place.

BBB 24: Daffy answers the big phone while on the eleventh wall; Look how it was

However, during the formation of the wall on Sunday night (3), it was not fortified. This is because the Angel of the Week was Bethel, who, in addition to being immune, gave another immunity to Fernanda. With Davey directly at the wall via the Big Fone, the Commander needed to “recalculate the trajectory” of his candidacy, which would be on the already beleaguered brother.

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Thus, Lucas Henrique decided to point out his second option: Michel, who had never hit the wall. The council then voted in the confessional and the participant with the most votes was Alan. It should be noted that in addition to being an angel, Beetle won over the power of the Joker, which left his voice with double the weight in this wall formation. This opened up a voting advantage, which could have put M.B.B.L. in the spotlight.

Finally, depending on the dynamics of the week, Tadeo asked Duffy to counterattack and recommend someone to the wall. Brother nominated Yasmine. With the voting over, Alan, Davy and Yasmin competed in a round-trip round. In a stroke of luck, Yasming escaped the eleventh wall and got another week on BBB 24.

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