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Friends reunite after seven years in Sao Paulo landing in Belem: 'It was unbelievable' |  Brazil Cup

Friends reunite after seven years in Sao Paulo landing in Belem: 'It was unbelievable' | Brazil Cup

Jessica Souza and Jerlene Correa, residents of the Ecoraci district of Belem, have not met for seven years, but their love for… Sao Paulo She met her friends on the first Wednesday of this month at the city’s airport.

The friends reunite after seven years when the São Paulo ship arrives in Belem – Photo: Personal archive

They went together to welcome the Tricolor on their arrival in the capital, Pará, and also accompanied the club's arrival at the hotel where the team will stay before the match against Aguia de Maraba, on Thursday, in the Brazilian Cup.

– It's been 12 years of friendship and we haven't spoken to each other for seven years. We're back in touch because of the Sao Paulo game. “Seeing our team playing in Manguerao is incredible,” said Jessica Souza, who considers the team’s presence in Belem a gift, as she celebrates her birthday four days after the match.

This love of tricolor runs through generations in my friends' families. Jerilyn Corea became a fan because of her father. This Wednesday, she and Jessica took their children to make their first contact with São Paulo.

– My love for São Paulo has been since I was young. My father is a Tricolor fan and this love has been passed down from generation to generation. It's a unique feeling for the people who live here. It's been 12 years without seeing Sao Paulo. Unique.

Sao Paulo fans welcome the team to Belem – Photo: Nicksson Melo/ge

Jerlene also highlights that meeting Jessica again had a special factor due to the presence of her two children, Victor Gabriel and Icaro Gabriel.

The last time Sao Paulo were in Belem, when they faced Independiente in the 2012 Copa do Brasil, the friends' children had not yet been born. This was the last time they followed the Tricolor closely.

– We watched the Sao Paulo match 12 years ago, when they came to play against Independiente de Tokoroi. It's really crazy to experience all of this, as we don't have a lot of opportunities to see the team play here.

With real-time transmission by GEAguia de Maraba and São Paulo face each other on the second Thursday, at 7:30 p.m., at the Mangião Stadium.