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BBB 24's Bia may have a show named after her catchphrase

BBB 24's Bia may have a show named after her catchphrase

Beatrice Reis, success in “BBB 24” Clone/Instagram

“Brazil Brazil”. The catchphrase made famous by the participation of Beatriz Reis in “BBB 24” is the name chosen for the program that the former street vendor may have on Globo. The broadcaster is considering the possibility of concluding an artistic contract with the former BBB and creating a project exclusively for herself. The idea for the program came from the phrase itself, which had strong popular appeal.

Bia was one of the most prominent characters in the version in which Devi was a hero from Bahia. She successfully started the reality show and was the first to reach millions of followers on Instagram. Right now, it has 4.8 million.

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