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Davy revolts after rumors on the web: “I will take care of my life” |  BP24

Davy revolts after rumors on the web: “I will take care of my life” | BP24

David Reproduction/Instagram

Angered by rumors about his personal life, Duffy, 21 and BBB 24 champion, opened a live video broadcast on social media on Friday evening (19). He stated that he would not admit that the “gossip pages” were talking about him. The statement came after speculation about the end of his relationship with Manny Rigo, but Al Bahian did not confirm or deny the end of the relationship.

“I fought a lot, I won't admit that these people are talking about me on Instagram 24 hours a day, and they will look for another topic. That's okay? Good night to all of you. I want to thank all the fans in Brazil who supported me when I needed it most, and they were you.” Thank you all very much, okay? “I can solve my life and I don't need anyone to solve it for me. Good night everyone,” Davy announced.

Earlier the journalist Louise Bache He was surprised by the confirmation that Davi Brito and Manny Rigo are no longer together. The story of the supposed separation gained another chapter when Mani's sister, Fabiana Rigohe unfollowed Devi on Instagram. Jakirahope Gilles de Vigorconfirmed the news and provided details about Davy's past performance after the breakup.

Davy revolts after internet rumors: 'I'm going to solve my life'


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