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Teatro Icbeu will open in September, with a performance by Zizi Possi

Teatro Icbeu will open in September, with a performance by Zizi Possi

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The Brazilian Cultural Institute – Estados Unidos (Ikbio), on Joaquim Nabucco Street, downtown Manaus, opens the “Ikbio Theatre” on September 21. The opening of the new Casa da Arte e da Cultura de Manaus will feature a performance by the resident symphony orchestra at “Teatro Icbeu” and a performance by the singer Zizi Possi exclusively for guests.

The entertainment and cultural space in the capital of Amazonas has more than 400 seats and is accessible and modern. Luis Fabian Barbosa, President of ICPEO, celebrates this important event in the history of the institute, which this year celebrated its 67th anniversary.

“Icbeu has increasingly become a great supporter and promoter of Amazonian culture and art. The opening of a space as beautiful and noble as Teatro Icbeu confirms that we are the true home of the arts.” Now Icbeu has its own “Art Hall”, which is an exhibition of its permanent collection, and it also has an “Art Gallery”. “Now is a theater, which helps us to further promote regional, national and international culture”, announced Louis Fabien.

On this occasion, the public will be welcomed in the modern foyer, where they will be able to appreciate the works of art by Rui Machado and Sergio Cardoso, which are on display there. Afterwards, guests will be directed to their seats and will be able to watch a pocket show by the Ekpo Resident Symphony Orchestra. Zizi Bossi, one of the greatest voices in Brazilian music, takes the stage for a special show featuring a repertoire full of hits.


Opening of the Ikpeo Theatre
date: Sept. 21
local: Avenida Joachim Nabucco, 1286 – city center
time: 7:30 p.m

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