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BBB Recordings 25: ex-BBB 24, Michelle teaches how to stand out when recording

BBB Recordings 25: ex-BBB 24, Michelle teaches how to stand out when recording

There is no better advice to follow to enter BP25, from those shared by those who have already set foot in the most watched house in the country. Michel was able to enter the reality show this year, and explains what he did to excel at presenting.

In chat with ItataiaThe unmissable advice during the registration phase is to share real facts about your life, said the professor from Minas Gerais.

“The things you go through you find interesting,” he explains. They always pay more attention to this matter. Example: I already taught in prison, exchange. In other words, list all the things that you think are great and have some purpose for you.”

Unlike past seasons, this season's participants must register as a couple – always highlighting their relationship with the chosen person.

“In the part that asks to add media. Put a photo without a filter, without anything, put photos of the person's reality but clearly visible photos, without a cover and without glasses. I think that's important,” Michel comments.

The former BBB 24 also warns of some precautions: Never create a persona. After all, your unique style may be what the production is after.

For video, there are no editing and filters. “To give you an idea, my video was very simple, I was in my room early in the morning and I did it there because I didn't have time that day,” he explained.

“I said my name, explained why I wanted to join and everything. Never give up. I tried for 11 years, until it worked out this year.”

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After the model, other steps must be followed according to production directions. One is the regional phase, which is held in specific locations in states across the country in person or virtually.

How to subscribe?

To register, simply access Ji Show websiteClick on the region you reside in – Southeast, South, Midwest, Northeast or North – and create an account with your personal data. A candidate for BBB 25 needs to answer a questionnaire about the duo and upload photos and videos.

Then, just cross your fingers and wait for the production team to contact you.

If the area you live in has closed vacancies, the candidate can choose another job. However, if he does so and is selected, he will need to travel independently to the location of personal choice in that area.