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A scientific leap with the Brazilians indicates “Covid” in one minute

A scientific leap with the Brazilians indicates “Covid” in one minute

The method allows the participation of Brazilian researchers to know, in less than 1 minute (01), the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus family virus) directly in smears (swabs) the nose. these smears It is applied in the collection of samples of nasopharyngeal secretions, which allows testing for the diagnosis of COVID-19.

The basis of the new method is the derivation of another technology, a cancer detection and diagnosis system, developed by Brazilian researcher. The news was published on Friday.01/07) by Agência Fapesp, from FResearch Support Foundation of the State of São Paulo (Fapesp).

Ride against covid supported in other areas

This research leap into infection detection has involved staff from the University of San Francisco (USF), the University of Texas at Austin (USA) and McKenzie Presbyterian University. However, there is a bias with a Brazilian researcher in another field: Technology developed by Brazilian Livia Eberlinfrom the University of Texas.

According to news from Agência da Fapesp, Eberlin built his style “on the mass spectrometry A technique that allows the differentiation of substances in biological samples according to their molecular mass.

Validation 83.5%

The new method for detecting SARS-CoV-2 is called the pen Maspic Pen. Biological molecules are collected from the surface of a tissue sample using a plastic device in Pen shape and sterilization.

The research involved sampling 244 people who had been tested for Covid-19. The results of the surveys indicated “expectations cross validation 83.5%“.

MasSpec Pen system development received Support from Fapesp, from the Government of São Paulo. It was detailed in an article published in the magazine Analytical Chemistry.

being able to here News from Fapesp. And, here, the full text of the article.

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