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Jalisi mocks the TikTok siege in the United States: “Defenders of freedom?”

Jalisi mocks the TikTok siege in the United States: “Defenders of freedom?”

The Labor Party leader said that this restriction was not criticized by Elon Musk and his “gang of fascists”; On 4 (April 24), Biden passed a law that could ban the app in the country

Head of the labor PartyDeputy Jesse Hoffman (PR), asked on Thursday (April 25), on his social media profile, how “Defenders of the liar's freedom of expression” Elon Musk owner X (formerly Twitter), about the sanctions imposed by US President Joe Biden (Democrat), which force the Chinese company ByteDance to sell TikTok in the United States within one year. If the social network is not managed by a North American businessman, it will be blocked in the country. TikTok said it would appeal the decision in court.

“Imagine the ‘anti-censorship’ protest if it were in China, Cuba and Venezuela… But in the United States Congress has approved and the president has approved a law that could ban TikTok from the country if it is not sold to a large audience.” American Private Sector Group, He said Gleisi in her profile on X. She further stated: What do the defenders of “freedom of expression,” the liar Elon Musk and his gang of fascists, look like now? Dictatorship against other people's social networks is fun, isn't it?

The measure was approved by the US House of Representatives on Saturday (April 20), by the Senate on Tuesday (April 23), and approved by Biden on Wednesday (April 24). The decision was prompted by US authorities' suspicions that China was using the platform to access and monitor North American data.

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Musk × Moraes

On April 6, businessman Elon Musk asked why a minister… STF (Federal Supreme Court) Alexandre de Moraes “It requires a lot of oversight in Brazil.”. The owner of X is also called Moraes “dictator” To practice what you call it 'Aggressive censorship'He called for his resignation or removal and threatened to close the social network in Brazil. Members of the government came to Moraes' defense.

The Secretary decided on April 7 to include Musk as an investigator in the Digital Militia Investigation, filed in July 2021, which investigates the behavior of anti-democratic groups. It also opened a new investigation to investigate the behavior of the platform owner. Moraes wants to investigate the crime of obstruction of justice.