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Sonaka workers win improvements to their health plan

Sonaka workers win improvements to their health plan

Ten days after the strike, Sunaka metalworkers have achieved improvements in their health plan and job stability. The agreement between the union and the company was approved at a meeting at noon on Thursday (25).

The mobilization has a flavor of victory mainly because it took place in a company in the aviation sector, which is a very oppressive company that imposes worse working conditions on its workers than the rest of the category.

The proposal emerged after three hearings mediated by the Ministry of Public Labor (MPT) and direct negotiations between the union and company management.

Among the improvements to the health plan, the agreement calls for ending copayment for pregnant women and people with autism and limiting copayment for other employees.

Metalworkers also achieved 60 days of job stability, starting at the end of the strike.

In addition, the factory will pay for half the hours stopped due to the strike. The rest will be compensated by the workers.

No revenge
The Sonaka administration stressed that there would be no retaliation from the factory against the workers who joined the strike. During the days of the strike, there were several reports of harassment and threats to workers by management. In an attempt to reach an agreement, the union sent a letter to Sonaka's headquarters in Belgium.

“There were ten days of a lot of struggle and pressure on the part of workers, and the result was clear. We achieved improvements in health insurance and job stability. Sonaka’s comrades are role models that through unity and mobilization, it is possible,” says union director José Eduardo Gabriel, known as Bob. Advancing our rights.

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The factory will have health professionals
The union also called on Sonaka to take internal measures to help workers who suffer from any health problems while working. The company has committed to hiring a healthcare professional to work in the company's outpatient clinic.

In March, seal worker Adelson Alves de Carvalho fell ill inside the factory and had to go to the hospital in an emergency vehicle because the factory did not have a health care professional or an ambulance. After the emergency, he was hospitalized and faced dangerous bureaucracy at the health plan. Unfortunately, Adelson passed away on April 15. Mobilization was also a form of honor for the worker.

The Sonaka metalworkers' strike began on April 16, after months of dissatisfaction with the new health plan imposed by the company without prior negotiations with the union or workers.

Sonaca is part of the aviation sector and is a partner of Embraer.