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Science error?  Why doesn't Villa play fully?  Discussion columnists

Science error? Why doesn't Villa play fully? Discussion columnists

Tite even cited Guardiola to justify why seven players were rested in Flamengo's defeat to Bolivar at the height of La Paz. UOL Sports NewsColumnists Rodrigo Matos and Alicia Klein discussed the coach's explanations. They advocated respect for physiology, but questioned Tite's strategy in the Copa Libertadores.

Matos: “The strategy did not work for the Libertadores”

Obviously it makes sense that you respect the players physically, you respect what the physiology says, that they are tired, but we have to take into account when did Flamengo reach the stage where they needed to not have seven players for a decisive Libertadores match already. in April. So, there is a logical logic here: first, did the players work hard in these early games of the season to get to this stage, was there any exaggeration in the process? After that, the initial plan was to have mixed teams in two of the first three Copa Libertadores matches, does that make sense? Against Millonarios, they played without four players, and this player is now playing without seven, so it seems that there was planning at the time that left the players very exhausted at the moment.

Let's remember that Flamengo also saved Pedro and de la Cruz against Palmeiras. Pedro has not played a full match since last Wednesday, he played 45 minutes in seven days. So, yes, you have to respect the physiology and science, but it seems to me that the strategy didn't work. Half of the group stage is over, and Flamengo is five points adrift of first place and could drop to third place, depending on Millonarios' result with Palestino. There's still the next game in Chile, and then we'll play two home games. I mean, the situation is complicated for a group with height problems, but it was not for Flamengo and they are struggling between second and third place. We have to respect the physiology, but if you think about it in that sense, the strategy didn't work for Libertadores, he put himself in a complicated situation.

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