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Xbox Game Pass surprises with a great gift for Blizzard fans

Xbox Game Pass surprises with a great gift for Blizzard fans

Xbox Game Pass never stops spoiling its subscribers with attractive games and great gifts. Users of the service now have access to a fantastic bonus aimed at fans of Blizzard and one of its most popular games. Of course, we point out Monitoring 2.

Players with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription can get Season 10 Rewards Pack Team shooter game. It is a package that includes attractive skins for different characters. Next we will tell you how to get it.

As you might imagine, the Overwatch 2 content pack is part of the Xbox Game Pass rewards or perks program. The only requirements to access it are to have a tier subscription climax And be part of the game community.

The Season 10 Rewards Pack includes the legendary Medusa Widowmaker and Executioner Junker Queen skins. Additionally, it gives access to the epic Visual K Kiriko skin. The content can be claimed now and will be available until June 19 of this year.

To do this, simply visit the rewards section of your console, the Xbox app on PC, or the service's mobile app and claim it. This way, you will receive a code that you must redeem in the game. It is important that you do this Before June 26th.

Once the process is complete, the said content will be linked to your account and you will be able to use the skins in your games without any restrictions. We advise you to take advantage of this promotion before it is too late.

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