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Tite explains the reason for dispensing with players again: “Science in football”

Tite explains the reason for dispensing with players again: “Science in football”

Photography by Jorge Bernal/AFP via Getty Images

Photo: Esporte News Mundo

Coach Tite, a Flamengo player, explained the reasons for resting the players in a press conference after the defeat against Bolivar, in La Paz. The coach took responsibility for choosing the starting lineup, but he reinforced the term “soccer science” to avoid expected injuries to physical wear and tear.

On the pitch, Tite commented on his tactical choice and Victor Hugo's positioning. “I've been using Victor for side missions. He's being used in whatever role he wants. At a certain point, we were able to go out with David, not kicking, but advancing.”

The coach also praised the host team, which reached 9 points in the group and is close to qualifying. “Bolivar has a very good build and very good training. At home, he measures heights, sets a strong pace. He has advantages as well. They are also doing well.”

Tite explained the dynamics of the match and spoke about the difficulty of using a completely new team. “The team had difficulty at the beginning due to the lack of coordination and aggressive marking by Bolivar. We improved after adjusting our marking. In the second half, we had the best moment of the match. We had a moment of unhappiness when Bolivar scored after that, we created more, and we had chances.” It is inhumane to ask this team to have harmony, it is difficult.

Regarding the issue of rotation in the team, Tite defended himself by claiming that he was making specific adjustments and promoting his desire to win above all else. “I don't know if we have repeated the line-up this year. What has led to so many changes is the high sequence of matches, the exhausting altitude. We have a big trip and an early match on Sunday. We have a plan, it is a great match.” Context: I am speaking with great respect to the fans, we are all ready for Flamengo to win.”

Tite took charge of the team that entered a state of chaos, but he did not deny the effect of physical fatigue on the main team. “Quantifying the load brings athletes who have this condition and all the support that Flamengo has. But the responsibility is on me, because I am the one who sets the lineup. But I have a lot of clarity not to 'throw' an athlete on the field.” A series of matches.”

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