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5 practices you must immediately stop doing on your Android smartphone!

5 practices you must immediately stop doing on your Android smartphone!

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Smartphones are an integral part of most people’s lives. And it’s no wonder that they help you stay in touch with friends and family, make it easier to work remotely, provide weather and news information, and even enjoy games and apps.

But despite being powerful tools, Android phones can also be a source of problems if not used properly. So here are a few things that you should stop doing on your Android phone immediately. paying off!

Do not turn off app notifications

App notifications are useful for reminding you of important updates and incoming messages. However, if you have a lot of apps installed, notifications can become a constant distraction.

To avoid this, you can turn off notifications for apps that are not important to you. To do this, go to Settings > Apps and select the app you don’t want to receive notifications from. Then turn off app notifications.

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Do not use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that helps protect your personal information and online accounts. When enabled, two-factor authentication requires you to provide a password and security code to access your account. Unfortunately, not many people use this security option on their Android devices.

So don’t waste any more time. To enable two-factor authentication, go to Settings > Accounts and select the account you want to protect. Then turn on two-factor authentication.

Not backing up your data regularly

Android phones are prone to hardware and software malfunctions, which can lead to the loss of important data such as photos, videos, and contacts. Therefore, it is important to back up regularly. There are several ways to backup, including using Google Drive, Samsung Cloud, or other third-party backup tools.

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To backup, go to Settings > System > Backup and enable the Auto backup option.

Not updating your apps and your operating system

While many people consider this unnecessary, app and OS updates are important as they fix security vulnerabilities and improve device performance. Therefore, this is a procedure that you should not ignore.

To update your apps, go to the Google Play Store and select “My apps & games”. Then select “Update All”. To update the operating system, go to Settings > System > System Update and select Check for Updates.

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Not clearing app cache and data regularly

The apps you use on your Android phone store temporary data in their cache. This data may take up unnecessary space on your device and affect app performance.

To clear app cache and data, go to Settings > Storage > Cached data and select Clear cache. Keep in mind that clearing app data can erase important information like customized settings and login history.

By following these tips, you can improve the use of your Android phone, ensure its security and improve device performance. Remember to always be aware of the best practices and take care of your smartphone.

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