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Google releases generative AI results

Google releases generative AI results

Google’s new feature, Generative Search Experience, is an innovation that will drive results Intelligence industrial Create a ChatGPT-style message directly on your search results page.

The company announced that the feature will be rolling out soon and will now be available to select mobile app users who were on a waiting list.

This news goes beyond the classic Google white page with 10 blue links, as results now appear in colored boxes on top of the regular results.

By accessing information online, Google will provide easy and convenient listings with links to purchase from sites such as Best Buy and various manufacturers.

With this implementation comes a huge change from Google’s search results to date.

How will the new search features work?

Have you ever Googled “bluetooth speaker” and found a huge row of “sponsored” ads? This can be confusing and does not guarantee the best option for you.

But now, Google presents results from generative AI in the form of a blue box in the middle of the first page. This box summarizes information collected on each speaker, listing data and opinions without reliable sources.

Google does not disclose the source of this information, which prevents users from assessing its reliability. Furthermore, the links only seem to lead to the manufacturers’ websites, undermining the impartiality of the results.

The end goal seems to be to prevent users from clicking on external links, thus shutting down many websites.

However, this situation may change. Results generated by generative AI are currently optional. To ensure use, simply access the Google search application and click on the new “lab” icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

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Then click “Search Labs” for ChatGPT style results.