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Capcom releases Street Fighter 6 ‘HQ’ for free;  See how to access

Capcom releases Street Fighter 6 ‘HQ’ for free; See how to access

The “Street Fighter” franchise, known for its legacy of exciting fighting games and iconic characters, is about to release “Street Fighter 6”!

To the delight of the passionate fans, the game developer decided to innovate and offer an experience by creating a comic book (HQ) related to the game that is available for free. Check out the ad’s tweet:

Learn more about Street Fighter

Street Fighter is one of the most influential franchises in the world of fighting games. From the innovation of the Japanese company capcomThe series began in 1987 with the release of the first game.

Since then, the franchise has become a reference in the genre, gaining a huge fan base around the world. One of the most defining aspects of the game is its cast of unforgettable characters.

The gameplay of the game is known for its “one-on-one” combat style, in which players control skilled characters in a series of exciting battles.

The franchise has expanded beyond fighting games, with an affinity for films, animated series, comics, and a variety of related merchandise.

Moreover, the evolution of the game series has led to many sequels and updated versions of the games, which have been released in numbered form, for example Street Fighter V. Each one brings new features, characters and gameplay mechanics to keep the series fresh and exciting!

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The game’s tournaments attract spectators and competitors from all over the world, testifying to the enduring impact of the franchise on the world of fighting games.

How to get to the free franchise headquarters?

The partnership between Capcom and UDON Entertainment was responsible for providing this free distribution of the comic book “Street Fighter 6 – Volume 4” in digital form.

The available chapter contains 48 pages and can now be accessed by those interested in English exclusively on the official website of the franchise. Just do a simple internet search and the page to get to will pop up. Enjoy reading!