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Writers Guild of America and studios reach agreement to end strike |  Pop & Art

Writers Guild of America and studios reach agreement to end strike | Pop & Art

Screenwriters Guild president Meredith Steam and Screenwriters Guild president Fran Tresher protest during the Writers’ Strike in Los Angeles in May 2023 – Photo: Chris Picello/AP Photo

The Screenwriters Guild of America (WGA) reached an agreement Sunday night (24) with the union representing Hollywood studios. This could be the first step towards ending the type of strike that started in May.

“We are proud to say that this agreement is exceptional — with significant gains and protections for our members’ writers in all fields,” the WGA said in an email to its members, according to Variety.

“To be very clear, no one should return to work until specifically authorized by the union. Until then, we are on strike.”

The agreement still needs to be voted on and ratified by the WGA’s 11,000 members.

SAG congratulated the WGA on the tentative agreement, but said it would stay on strike until its own negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) were satisfied.

“While we look forward to awarding the WGA and AMPTP a tentative agreement, we are committed to achieving the terms our members need,” SAG said in a statement.

“Since the day the WGA strike began, SAG-Aftra members have stood with writers on picket. We have continued to strike on our TV/film contract, and have continued to call on the CEOs of studios and streaming platforms, and AMPTP to come back. The schedule and fair contract our members deserve and demand. should.”

The union must hire a minimum number of writers per series for a specified period of time.

Another important point is artificial intelligence (AI), with studios not using the resource to create scripts based on previous works or screenwriters working from drafts created by the technology.