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A week of demonstrations demonstrate a rejection of Netanyahu’s presence in the United States

A week of demonstrations demonstrate a rejection of Netanyahu’s presence in the United States

Freedom, equality and democracy demand protest in New York (Emil Salman/Haaretz)

As Netanyahu promoted a coup to seize the judiciary, paving the way for the imposition of a totalitarian, autocratic and messianic anti-Palestinian government, he was greeted with demonstrations of hatred wherever he went during his visit to the United States. The biggest act of rejection took place in New York

At the same time, during the 38th week of protests, 170,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv: “We will not forgive”, Yom Kippur (Jewish Day of Atonement)

On Monday the 18th, Netanyahu was greeted at the airport in San Jose, California, by a demonstration denouncing the attack on the Israeli judiciary, the first step in curbing his power by repealing the Fairness Act. This allows Israel’s Supreme Court to declare a law passed by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, null and void if it is proven to be meaningless.

In this way, as they have already threatened, extremists in the Knesset can withdraw citizenship from leaders who position themselves as anti-regime, declare the annexation of the Palestinian territories, violate the Oslo Accords, extend the current government eviction mandate, steps that have escalated since parliamentarians from the ruling coalition took office. .

Another went into action with whistles and horns at the airport in front of the sign of the Hilton Hotel where he was staying in the California city.

Actions followed wherever the Prime Minister visited. Those who participated in the demonstrations were mainly North American and Israeli Jews living in the United States or traveling specifically to participate in rejectionist activities.

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The largest event took place in front of UN headquarters in New York, with thousands of participants chanting “democracy” and “shame” (referring to the Netanyahu-led coup). The demonstration took place while he was delivering his speech at the UN General Assembly.

While in California, David Ginsburg, executive director of the Beth El Synagogue in San Jose, was one of the first to speak out against the damage caused by the prime minister: “This is outrageous, simply outrageous, and I am fighting for Israel as a democracy, religious pluralism. Netanyahu does not represent that.

For Ginsburg, what Israel needs to do is sit down with the Palestinians to “build a consensus in favor of peace.”

“The damage to Israel and its image in the world is done by the actions of the Netanyahu government, including the evil people who have rallied around it,” said Stanford University director Natalie Landesman.

Activists gathered in the organization UneXeptable issued a joint statement saying, “Netanyahu is not welcome when he tries to implement an authoritarian regime in Israel. Wherever he goes, we will be there to show him that our support goes to a democratic, just and equal Israel.

“We are here to tell the world that Prime Minister Netanyahu is responsible for the destruction of Israel’s democracy,” said Rabbi Josh Weinberg, who attended the event in New York.

At the event, Nama Kelman, retired former director of a religious seminary in Jerusalem, condemned “this government is allocating billions of shekels (Israeli currency) to promote anti-democratic values ​​in schools. Humiliate our citizens, the Arabs, and confirm the occupation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank. Netanyahu and His fearsome ministers of justice, finance and national security have also forgotten the essence of Judaism.

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Members of the “anti-occupation bloc” demonstrated in front of the hotel on Park Avenue in New York where Netanyahu was staying. Among the banners and slogans raised by the protesters, the following stood out: “There is no such thing as democracy with occupation”, “No justice in Ben Gvir police, no peace”, “From the river to the sea everyone must be free.” There were also posters demanding that the US government “stop funding Netanyahu and his fascist friends”.