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US: Republican deadlock deepens in chamber, brings government closer to shutdown – 09/24/2023

US: Republican deadlock deepens in chamber, brings government closer to shutdown – 09/24/2023

The impasse in the Republican Party over the budget brings the United States closer to another shutdown of government operations. This Sunday, the 24th, several members of the US parliament pointed out that a solution was far away in Washington, less than a week before the deadline.

If Congress doesn’t approve a budget resolution before Oct. 1, the country can’t fund national parks, issuing passports and suspending federal operations with other consequences.

Last Thursday, the 21st, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, tried to pass legislation to extend the deadline by one month, but faced opposition from a group of Republicans who rejected the request outright. US President Joe Biden’s agenda for spending cuts significantly.

McCarthy’s initial plan was part of a deal reached with the White House in June to resolve the debt ceiling impasse.

This Saturday, the 23rd, Biden accused a section of “extremist” opposition of forcing Americans to pay for their demands. “Funding the government is one of the fundamental responsibilities of Congress. It’s time for Republicans to start doing the job America elected them to do,” he said during a dinner with allies.

The Democratic plea, however, seems to have found little resonance in Washington. Republican Congressman Tony Gonzalez said he did not want a strike, but criticized alternatives proposed by his own party’s leadership. “If you give Congress more time, they will simply use up that time. Time does not equal solutions,” he said.

Speaking to CNN, fellow Republican Tim Burchett criticized McCarthy for taking too long to deal with the situation and said he wants to restore fiscal responsibility in the budget. According to him, approving a temporary solution would only prolong the problem. “We have an obligation to approve the budget,” he argued.

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The imbroglio has already jeopardized McCarthy’s position. On social media, Rep. Matt Gaetz, the party’s far-right member, warned that legislation without drastic spending cuts would trigger an effort to oust McCarthy as House speaker.

*With information from Dow Jones Newswires