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UK to start arresting migrants being deported to Rwanda

UK to start arresting migrants being deported to Rwanda

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The UK's new and draconian policy on irregular migrants is already in place, prompting condemnation from around the world. British officials said the police had already started arresting foreigners with this profile on May 1 to send them to Rwanda, a small, poor country in Africa that had agreed to a “deal” with the European power to receive these people.

The move, considered a priority by Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who has an Indian family background, is aimed at reducing the influx of citizens from many countries without the necessary documents to continue living in the UK. The London government's intention, approved last Tuesday (24), is to send the prisoners to Rwanda within a maximum of two months, starting in July.

In the first four months of this year alone, approximately 7,500 people entered the UK using small boats and dinghies, which cross the English Channel, the sea inlet that separates the British Archipelago from mainland Europe. All foreign nationals who remain on British soil without authorization and seeking asylum are subject to automatic arrest pending deportation to Rwanda.

This Wednesday (1st), two arrest footage shocked viewers, in one of which a man was surprised to see a police van and then arrested. In another case, a foreigner in this illegal status was caught inside a house and taken away in handcuffs by the authorities.

British Home Secretary James said in a sober tone that the police were continuing to make arrests in full force to fill the plane that would send these people to Rwanda.

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“Our dedicated enforcement teams are working quickly to detain those who have no right to be here so we can take the flights,” the ministry head said.

With arrests confirmed in London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham and Bristol, as well as in Northern Ireland, the British press reports of foreigners being detained in all corners of the country.