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We tested the Mercedes that will be launched in Brazil

We tested the Mercedes that will be launched in Brazil

As for capabilities, the total weight of the eSprinter is 4.5 tons. The luggage compartment has a volume of 13.8 cubic meters (13,800 litres). The product payload is 1,725 ​​kg, while the towing capacity is two tons.

Driving modes and performance

The eSprinter has three driving modes and four battery recovery programmes. In the second case, using rods behind the steering wheel, the driver chooses how he wants the engine braking to work, which will affect the battery regeneration for autonomy. There is anything from non-intrusive to very strong interference, which almost stops the model.

However, no single-pedal drive system is capable of bringing a car to a complete stop without having to apply the brakes – just by taking your foot off the accelerator. According to Mercedes-Benz, the system is similar to that of the EQE SUV. The only difference is the absence of this function.

As for driving modes, the maximum range is the most economical. To promote better battery management, leave the model with very slow acceleration responses. The mediator is called the economic. The comfortable position in turn is what promotes better performance.

This is a convenient function to use when you need to overtake, for example. Of course, the eSprinter, especially when loaded, will not be a paragon of agility. However, it benefits from 40.8 kgf/min of instantaneous torque (available from the moment the driver presses the accelerator) to carry out maneuvers safely.