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Nubank launches a limit for low scorers; Learn how to order

Applying for a credit card—and waiting for approval or rejection—can seem like taking an exam or giving a public speech. Although, the nubank Facilitates this request for customers.

Knowing how to apply for a credit card at Nubank is one thing, but knowing what issuers are looking for before applying for a new card is really the first step to success.

When you apply for your credit card, you are asking the card issuer to give you a chance. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get a large line of credit at first, and you may not even get a modest one. Building credit is a process, and you have to start somewhere.

Therefore, Nubank offers an initial credit of 50 riyals to many customers with low scores. Depending on your credit (what lenders might call your “credit strength”), you may not be ready to apply for a high-limit credit card right now, but you can take proactive steps that can help you raise that limit. on a future.

If you think you’re ready, here we describe how to apply for a Nubank credit card. It all starts with checking your balance.

credit score (degree)

Knowing your credit score and what’s on your credit reports can help you decide if you’re going high, low, or disapproved.

Check if you qualify before

Nubank lets you know if you pre-qualify for your credit cards. This requires some work on your part – you usually need to fill out a short form and submit personal information.

What if your Nubank application is denied?

First, do not despair. Many people were refused credit cards, and many were later accepted for other cards.

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