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Don't miss the 2024 announcement deadline – find out the details!

Don't miss the 2024 announcement deadline – find out the details!

The time is coming for Mi (Individual Small Entrepreneur) Submit the DASN-SIMEI (Simple National Annual Return) to the tax authorities. These documents are a statement that contains all the information about an individual's financial transactions.

Therefore, handing it in is mandatory for everyone with an active CNPJ, and in this year 2024, the deadline to do so is May 31. Anyone who does not adhere to this rule may be restricted, and if they remain irregular, the company will be prohibited from conducting banking transactions, for example.

Later, the entrepreneur's capital investment fund may become inefficient, making it difficult for him to obtain loans and credit from banking institutions. Remembering that after the deadline expires, the citizen has 90 days to submit the papers.

How do I deliver DASN-MEI?

The documentation must contain all numbers received for the activities of the enterprise, even those for which a tax receipt has not been issued. This obligation also falls on MEI which has already delisted its business, but whose CNPJ was active until 2023.

To fill out an advertisement, a person needs to know which form is most suitable for the activities carried out by his company. Therefore, there are currently two alternatives to sending the file Dassin-Semi Each has its differences:

  • Normal situation
  • Special case.

a “Normal situation“It is recommended for those who still have a properly active CNPJ, and is a valid format even for those who have been removed from MEI, but have not yet been able to leave the company. In the meantime,”Special case“It is intended to announce earnings from inactive CNPJs. Here's how to fill it out:

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1. Access location From Simples Nacional on the Federal Revenue page and enter your number CNPJ;

2. Mark the year in which the announcement will be made.

3. Enter the value of total revenues generated from sales and/or provision of services for the specified period;

4. Indicate whether the institution has employees;

5. Verify the data and complete the process.

If there are outstanding financial issues from previous years, the person will not be able to submit the current application. To resolve this situation, the debtor will need to submit everything pending, via the same page mentioned above.

When a late declaration is issued, it is accompanied by a fine of not less than R$50. To ensure that the documents have been sent successfully, simply press “Consult the sender's MEI statement“, In the location From the Simples Nacional portal, in SIMEI > Services > Account & Advertising.