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Understand what is going on with AI and know if there is cause for concern

Understand what is going on with AI and know if there is cause for concern

Without a doubt, there is now a huge investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the technological world. And no, we do not live in a dystopian reality where robots will take over and dominate humanity. Artificial intelligence, according to modern definitions of technology, is machines that can successfully perform complex human activities. ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI systems in the world today.

This program is a chatbot that perfectly simulates human speech and behavior. However, ChatGPT’s success has been accompanied by countless controversies and some countries actually ban this tool. Understand what is happening.

The lock check must arrive in Brazil. / credit: Unsplash / disclosure

Chatbot and its differences

The overwhelming success of this chatbot might confuse some people about when it even existed. This is because ChatGPT didn’t take long to gain millions of loyal users around the world.

This artificial intelligence was launched at the end of last year and has since managed to conquer more than 100 million monthly active users. This number, for example, is greater than the number of visitors to TikTok, the world’s largest social network.

As mentioned earlier, ChatGPT works like a chatbot. This means that this program has been exposed to an enormous amount of content and information to prepare you to speak as a human would.

Therefore, it is possible to talk to the program, ask it to speak about certain topics with mastery and even ask them to create original content following the specific instructions given by the user.

But, obviously, with its release and success came controversies. First, it is necessary to note that ChatGPT has several drawbacks. Therefore, the program is far from a reliable source for anyone who wants to run a survey, with many false or erroneous data.

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In addition, the academic environment is being harmed by the alarming number of students using chatbots to carry out their activities. And it looks like the feuds are not going to stop any time soon.

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Country bans ChatGPT indefinitely

So, it is quite clear that although a chatbot offers its features, it is far from being bug-free and harming its users with false information, for example. But it seems ChatGPT’s controversies over fake news, intellectual property and plagiarism aren’t the only ones making waves around the world.

Last Friday (31), Italy’s Data Protection Agency announced that it would block access to ChatGPT in Italy indefinitely. According to the agency, OpenAI, which operates ChatGPT, was not respecting the rules for using user data.

This means, similar to the security issues Facebook experienced a few years ago, that chatbot users’ personal information has been collected and breached.

According to the Italian agency, there is no legal basis for the platform to collect this specific data from its users. This news comes shortly after a European law enforcement agency alerted users to the use of ChatGPT by cybercriminals. At the moment, it does not appear that there will be any such block in Brazil.

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