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The Apple Pencil Pro arrives with more features;  Magic Keyboard is getting a new version

The Apple Pencil Pro arrives with more features; Magic Keyboard is getting a new version

like apple “Just imagine” was explained in the invitation to the special event (“Relax”), some Supplements Most commonly used with iPads Updated today.

And the rumors were absolutely true when it came to the news of these new accessories. paying off!

Apple Pencil Pro

starting from Apple Pencil Proa new pencil from Masa that has more features than the second generation model.

Among the new features, we have the access of haptic feedback, allowing users to feel an effect similar to vibration when a button is pressed. pencil To interact with software tools, e.g.

Additionally, the new gyroscope lets you rotate the Apple Pencil Pro to control brushes and other app tools more precisely in apps like Procreate — which was highlighted in the keynote.

Additionally, you can now perform certain tasks by holding down your Apple Pencil. The extension has also become compatible with web search (Find), allowing you to track it like other devices, like AirPods and AirTag.

Apple Pencil is only compatible with the new iPad Air and Pro.

Magic keyboard and smart folio

Hey Magic keyboard It’s also been a huge hit in the store, reflecting the changes in the new iPads.

The change starts in the construction, where the accessory is now made of aluminium, lighter and thinner. It also gained a row of function keys (brightness, volume, etc.) and a much larger trackpad.

Apple Pencil Pro (130 USD) and the new magic keyboard (300 USDfor 11-inch models, and 350 USD, for 13-inch models) is now available for purchase in select countries (such as the US), and the keyboard can be purchased in white or black. Delivery begins next Wednesday (5/15).

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In Brazil, the products are not yet on sale. However, the Apple Pencil Pro It will cost 1500 Brazilian reals And the magic keyboard from 3300 Brazilian reals — When you choose to purchase with cash, Apple offers a 10% discount.

Apple has also introduced a new version of the classic Smart Folio, which also comes with versions for each of the iPads unveiled today.

It now supports multiple angles, providing greater flexibility, as well as the following color options: black, white, and denim, in the case of iPads Pro, and light violet, charcoal grey, sage, and denim, in the case of iPad Air.

According to Apple, Leave for 80 USDin the case of 11-inch models, and for every 100 US dollars, in the case of 13-inch models. And in Brazil they leave in succession for every 899 Brazilian real that it 1,099 Brazilian real — In cash, as always, the company offers a 10% discount.

Apple Pencil 2nd generation (mini)Apple Pencil 2nd generation (mini)

Apple Pencil with USB-C (mini)Apple Pencil with USB-C (mini)

First generation Apple Pencil (mini)First generation Apple Pencil (mini)

Magic Keyboard for iPad Air and Pro (mini)Magic Keyboard for iPad Air and Pro (mini)

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