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A WhatsApp bug is creating an embarrassing situation for users

A WhatsApp bug is creating an embarrassing situation for users

From time to time, some popular apps tend to get some kind of problem. As far as companies providing updates, some situations do happen every now and then.

Recently, it is the turn of a WhatsApp bug to cause an uncomfortable situation for the users of the app.

Problems with the sending system in WhatsApp

Once users noticed the problem, they quickly shared it on their social networks. The app error was present in both Android and iOS smartphones.

Here, it is worth noting that WhatsApp has the function of blocking people from whom you do not want to receive any kind of message.

However, with the change in the system, WhatsApp had an inconvenient problem where all the blocked contacts could send messages again.

In light of this, the company took a position on what happened and stated that it was already aware and taking action to make modifications to the system. However, a method to prevent messages from reaching you has not been officially shared yet but some users have suggested to unblock the contact and block them again.

To perform both actions, you need to open the app on both your cell phone and PC and search for the exact person.

Then you have to access the conversation with the contact you want to unblock or block and click on their name. Thus, the option to “Block Contact” or “Unblock Contact” will appear.

According to some experts, the error occurs in servers WhatsApp, that is, in the center responsible for processing data intended for users.

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So far, WhatsApp has confirmed the exact period for fixing this entire issue and also mentioned that the number of people affected is still unknown.

In the end, everyone hopes this change won’t last long, after all, blocked contacts are on this list for one reason only: not to keep any kind of contact. In addition, there is concern about the “bug” and whether it will affect other functions.

In short, this is the most popular chat app in Brazil, and last year, it reached 120 million active users in the country.