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YouTuber from London Sends Fast Food to Space;  He watches

YouTuber from London Sends Fast Food to Space; He watches

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London YouTuber Pedro Rezende, better known as Rezende, released an impressive video last week. The owner of a fast food chain in Londrina, an influencer who has more than 30 million followers on his channel, decided to send a sandwich into space to promote the brand. That’s right, he actually sent Snack to heaven. (Watch below).

Production is moving Youtube And it already has more than half a million views. The images resulting from the recordings in space are fantastic.

He called on two astronomy experts, Giovanni Almeida and Alexandro Motta, who had built a rover set to carry out the mission, complete with an exclusive camera, parachute and satellite-linked GPS locator. “In 11 years on the channel, this was the first video that I had no idea how it would end. An unforgettable day, with many challenges and doubts, but with the conviction to bring you the best content. There was over 6 months of planning all the details of my video” Rezendog” in space. We did everything we could and also had to rely on luck, because the sun was needed for everything, “the YouTuber explained.

Anniversary of the probe’s arrival in space – Image: Disclosure

The probe, along with the snack, reached about 35,000 meters in about an hour and a half. “All the effort, dedication, difficulty and energy that went into the work was worth it,” Rezende celebrated.

In the video posted on flataforma, the whole adventure of achieving this feat is possible.

Watch below:

Among the top 30

Rezede is already among the 30 biggest and best channels in the world, according to the Insider list. The London-born channel, called Rezendeevil, debuts at number 23 with nearly 32 million subscribers and crosses the 13 billion views mark.

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