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Uber will pay up to R$1,000 to drivers in the Uber Pro “Diamond” category;  Understands

Uber will pay up to R$1,000 to drivers in the Uber Pro “Diamond” category; Understands

a Uber It will pay an additional promotional winnings of up to R$1,000 to partner drivers in the “Diamond” category, the highest in Uber Pro, the platform’s benefits program. In the “Missão Diamante” promotion, guest drivers who reach and remain in the category in any of the qualifying Uber Pro cycles will be able to earn additional earnings. The total amount a driver will receive varies by city and will be indicated beforehand in the Uber Driver app.

In Uber Pro, drivers accumulate points in three-month cycles, and are sorted into tiers that provide access to different benefits. To participate in Uber Pro, requirements include maintaining a minimum acceptance rate of 60% of incoming ride requests, a maximum cancellation rate of 10% of accepted ride requests, and an average user rating above 4.85 stars.

The “Diamond Mission”, which was announced in July of this year, continues until 2024, and includes four Uber Pro cycles: those starting on July 1 and October 1 of this year, and those starting on January 1 and April 1 of this year. The driver can only receive the payment once and payment will be made one week after the end of each cycle.

Only drivers who have received the official notification inviting them to participate in the promotion are eligible to receive the amount. “This is to thank you for your loyalty and preference in using the Uber app,” the platform says.

Initially, “Missão Diamante” was only available in some capitals: Rio de Janeiro (RJ), São Paulo (SP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Manaus (AM), Salvador (BA), Recife (PE), Fortaleza ( M) and Belem (PA).

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