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Netflix gains 5 million new subscribers in its new ad-supported plan

Netflix gains 5 million new subscribers in its new ad-supported plan

Did you know that Netflix has a cheaper plan where subscribers have to deal with ads? Well, it does exist and is valid in some countries.

Launched by Gigante do Streaming about six months ago, this budget plan has already attracted more than 5 million users since its launch.

This and other information was revealed during the presentation that Netflix executives made to some investors, which took place on Wednesday (17).

According to Greg Peters, the company’s co-CEO, 25% of all new Netflix subscriptions observed in the past six months were on this budget plus plan that includes ads.

Comparing the new plan to pre-existing plans, Peters said, “The signs are promising: Participation in our advertising plan is similar to comparable no-add plans.”

“For this [o aumento nas assinaturas] Despite all the current competition, Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service today,” concluded the co-CEO.

Investments in audience analysis

In early 2023, Netflix announced the closing of a partnership with Nielsen, an audience and audience research company.

According to Jeremy Gorman, the company’s advertising director, this measure is intended to improve the quality of ads shown on broadcast, and to avoid invasive ads.

“We treat our advertising with the same care that we treat amazing content,” said the CEO.

Netflix recently announced that it will ban users who share passwords. The company claims this practice hurts billing.

Despite promoting the arrival of new subscribers, the company has not disclosed the total number of active subscribers at this time.

However, it is known that there is a big difference between open accounts and already active subscribers on the Netflix platform today.

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