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Petrobras loses R$6.5 billion in CARF and is considering going to court

Petrobras loses R$6.5 billion in CARF and is considering going to court

The case was decided by casting vote, giving the government the right to a tie

CARF Supreme Chamber (Administrative Council for Tax Appeals) Established on Thursday (October 5, 2023) announced that Petrobras must pay taxes worth R$6.5 billion on its controlled companies and subsidiaries abroad. The trial was tied and was resolved by weighted vote.

to Power360The oil company said,Evaluates appropriate measures in relation to the decision“To resort to common justice. If it is appealed, the money should not immediately enter the public treasury, frustrating the Ministry of Finance’s plans to reduce the primary fiscal deficit to 1% of GDP this year and reach zero in 2024.”

The return of good voting was approved in Congress and approved by the Vice President on September 21 Geraldo Al Ambush (PSB).

As part of the federal government’s anti-deficit package, the agency specifies that when there is a tie in a dispute over tax payments, the Minerva vote (the tiebreaker) will always be in favor of the government and against corporations.

The Treasury expects to collect R$54 billion this year through the Council’s rulings. From 2024 onwards, government senators are talking about the possibility of the agency giving nearly R$60 billion to the government annually. According to the Senate, the backlog of cases for trial in CARF in July exceeded R$1.1 trillion.

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