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With science and dialogue, Otinga State Park celebrates 31 years

With science and dialogue, Otinga State Park celebrates 31 years

In Pará, prevention is highlighted through the School Vaccination Initiative, where children and adolescents have the opportunity to update their records with the immunizations provided in the Multiple Vaccinations. The campaign, which began on Friday (3) at the Visconde de Sousa Franco State College and was coordinated by the Ministries of Health (Sespa) and Education (Seduc), is part of the School Health Program (PSE) of the Ministry of Health and Health is essential to protect young people from various diseases, including These include polio, measles, ACWY meningitis, MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and human papillomavirus. Furthermore, the initiative also aims to increase protection in the face of the COP-30 movement, which will be held in 2025, in Belém.

Gaira Atayde, Immunization Coordinator in Pará State, highlights the importance of this initiative as a crucial moment to raise awareness among young people about the benefits of vaccination, with a focus on protection against cervical cancer and other serious diseases. “Vaccination is a life-saving act, and we are committed to protecting our youth from various diseases.” Highlight.

The State of Pará, through the CESPA Surveillance and Immunization Directorate, in collaboration with the municipalities and the Seduc Partnership, has set the period from May 3 to June 2 for an intensive vaccination campaign throughout the state. With vaccines available for teachers, staff, daycare children and primary and secondary school students in municipal and state schools.

Representing the Minister of Education, Rosselli Soares, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Mario Augusto Almeida, highlighted that education plays a crucial role in promoting health and sustaining life, especially when combined with science. He stressed, “Given the disparity in mortality rates between different ethnic groups, it is crucial to raise awareness about the importance of health.” This awareness can contribute to a longer, healthier life. announced the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

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The partnership between Sespa and Seduc not only ensures the protection of students, but also reinforces the importance of health as a right for everyone. This collaboration was highlighted at the event held at the school, where students like Nina Sofia and Wesley Ricardo were the first to be vaccinated, marking the beginning of a joint effort to increase vaccination rates, and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to protect themselves through vaccination, Nina Sofia comments: : “I think it is important for schools to encourage students to take care of their health, and to make it easier to get vaccinated.” Wesley highlights the importance of the partnership between the Secretariats: “Sespa’s partnership with Seduc was crucial. Many young people did not have the time or opportunity to go to a nearby health center to get vaccinated. This campaign is not just a one-day event, but a year-round opportunity for everyone to protect themselves and disease prevention and featured students.

During this event, held in the school hall, there was a “Banda Vibe” that encourages the spirit of heroism in the students and improves their skills. The Escola Estadual de Tempo Integral Visconde de Souza Franco, in Belém, is developing the “Music Club” project. Which works on different topics and fields using the principles of integrative education.

Meanwhile, Daniel Santos, Director of Escola Visconde de Souza Franco, highlights the importance of health to get the most out of life, highlighting the essential role of vaccination in promoting this well-being. “In order to live full and active lives, it is essential that we take care of our health, and vaccination is an essential part of this care.”

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School health program – This initiative is not isolated. It is part of a broader national effort, such as the School Health Program, which seeks to promote health and comprehensive education, with the aim of not only preventing disease, but also developing citizenship and improving Brazilian public policies. With record commitment to the programme, it is clear that health in schools is a national priority, essential for the well-being and future of all Brazilian people.

Text: Bianca Botello | Eskom CESPA

source: Government of the Palestinian Authority