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Thousands protest in Hungary against Viktor Orban's government

Thousands protest in Hungary against Viktor Orban's government

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Some media outlets estimated the number of participants at about 100,000, making it one of the two largest opposition political demonstrations in recent years.


Tens of thousands of Hungarians demonstrated on Saturday against Viktor Orban's government, at the invitation of the Prime Minister's new opponent, Peter Magyar. The crowd filled Budapest's main square.

Peter Magyar, 43, belongs to the ruling party's most restrictive circle and was married to former Justice Minister Judit Varga. But two months ago, he decided to leave the party, and since then, he has radically changed the Hungarian political scene.

The Hungarians want to overthrow Orbán's regime

It now aims to overthrow the regime of Viktor Orbán, which has been in power since 2010. Addressing the demonstrators, Peter Magyar accused the media and the Public Ministry of not being independent, accused the government of corruption, and said he would launch a party to participate in the elections. European elections in June.

“We Hungarians are united,” he shouted to the crowd, calling on Hungarians of all political stripes to respect each other and work together to overthrow the current political elite. Peter Magyar also strongly criticized the traditional opposition parties for their failure to fight the ruling party over the past 14 years.

Thousands of people came to Budapest to protest against Orbán

“Peter Magyar has kept his promise,” says Euronews correspondent Zoltan Siboshege. “Not only was it the main square of Budapest, but the narrow streets surrounding it were also full of people. What was extraordinary was that no flag or poster of the opposition could be seen. In fact, the speakers strongly criticized not only Fidesz.” “The government (Orban's party), but also the entire opposition elite.”

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