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Shipwreck leaves dozens dead in Mozambique |  world

Shipwreck leaves dozens dead in Mozambique | world

A shipwreck leaves dozens dead in Mozambique – Photo: Reproduction

More than 90 people were killed on the coast of northern Mozambique as a result of the sinking of a fishing boat that was being used as a ferry and was sailing overcrowded with passengers, local authorities reported on Sunday (7).

The ship was carrying about 130 people and encountered problems while trying to reach Mozambique Island in Nampula Province.

He added: “Since the boat was overcrowded and not suitable for carrying passengers, it ended up sinking […] “91 people lost their lives,” said Jaime Neto, Nampula's foreign minister.

The official added that among the dead were many children.

So far, rescuers have found five survivors and the search is continuing, but sea conditions are making the operation difficult.

Neto said most of the passengers traveled to the island due to panic caused by misinformation about the cholera outbreak.

This southern African country, one of the poorest countries in the world, has recorded about 15,000 cases and 32 deaths since October due to this disease, which is transmitted through consuming contaminated food or water.

Nampula is one of the most affected areas and recorded a third of the cases.

Authorities said a team of investigators is working to determine the cause of the drowning.

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