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The embassy detainee is transferred to a high-security prison in Ecuador

The embassy detainee is transferred to a high-security prison in Ecuador

The photo was taken of Glass arriving at a maximum security prison in Guayaquil. The record has been released By the Ecuadorian police via Agence France-Presse, It shows the former Ecuadorian Vice President accompanied by members of GEAP (the Prison Action Group).

After his arrest, Glass remained detained in the Quito Involvement Unit until the early hours of Saturday (6) before he was transferred. This information was published by the newspaper El Universo from Ecuador.

The National Service said Glass would undergo a medical assessment upon entering the prison unit. It was also announced that the former Vice President would be placed in a cell according to the preliminary classification criteria of the prison, in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the country's legal regulations.

Understanding the issue:

Mexico had granted political asylum to the former vice president hours before the police raided the embassy. Ecuador classified the asylum granted to Glass, who was sentenced to six years in prison on corruption charges, as “illegal.”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ordered the suspension of diplomatic relations with Ecuador. “This is a flagrant violation of international law and Mexico's sovereignty,” he added. The Vienna Convention states that embassies are inviolable territories. Nicaragua also announced the severing of “all diplomatic relations” with Ecuador in the wake of the case.

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