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The unexpected change in Google Drive storage limit takes users by surprise

The unexpected change in Google Drive storage limit takes users by surprise

at recent days , google drive Create a limitation on the number of files that can be stored in their account, regardless of the amount of space available or the contracted plan. Users will now only be able to create up to 5 million items, including folders and documents.

The change was confirmed by a Google Workspace spokesperson, who explained that the limitation was put in place to maintain the cloud storage service’s high performance and reliability.

Although the company stressed that the change only affects a few users, it also recommended deleting some files if they exceed the new limit stipulated for Google Drive.

The change annoys some users

According to reports shared on the platform Reddit, which is known for hosting virtual discussion forums, the new file restriction policy on Google Drive has surprised many users.

On the other hand, users who have large amounts of data stored have their routines hampered by the fact that they now have to change the storage location of redundant files.

According to reports, some companies have also been severely affected by the change, which has led to major disruptions to their daily operations.

Also, many users reported problems creating new folders even when they have fewer items. This “symptom” may indicate malfunctions on the Google Drive server.

In short, users’ main complaint about Google’s new policy is that no matter what plan a user subscribes to, the 5 million file limitation still applies, even when space is still available.

This means that those who have a lot of small files will likely reach their storage limit sooner and may end up paying for more space than they really need.

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