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Exclusive NVIDIA Reflex technology directly impacts CS2 performance  Draft5

Exclusive NVIDIA Reflex technology directly impacts CS2 performance Draft5

Announced in September 2020, NVIDIA Reflex delivers the ultimate competitive advantage with a revolutionary set of technologies that improve system response time for competitive gaming. Today there are more 100 titles improved by technology More than 90% of GeForce gamers enable Reflex, which is available for use on GTX 900 series GPUs.

Learn all about NVIDIA REFLEX, how this technology affects CS2 performance, and of course how to activate

Overall, it reduces input lag between PC monitor/gaming monitor, which positively affects game response time.

It is important to note that system response time is not related to ping in online games. While ping refers to the speed at which data travels from your device to the game servers and back, system latency addresses how quickly your hardware, including the graphics card and other components, processes game commands and displays on-screen actions.

In other words, low latency ensures the system responds faster to your movements and commands, regardless of how connected your Internet connection is. Did you know that high AWP shot you're missing? If the reflex is activated, he will certainly be on target.

Image: Reproduction / YouTube / Nvidia GeForce Brazil

It is worth noting that NVIDIA Reflex will be increasingly effective on modern graphics cards, such as the 40 series, as the high frame rate per second with NVIDIA Reflex generates the best recipe for smooth gameplay. For example, the RTX 4090 can reduce the latency to 5ms, while the 4060 guarantees a latency of less than 15ms.

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How to activate NVIDIA REFLEX in CS2?

To enjoy NVIDIA Reflex in Counter-Strike 2, you'll need to log into the game, click on the settings cog and enter the Video tab; There, just go to the Advanced section, scroll down with your mouse to the Low Latency Mode (NVIDIA Reflex) option and leave it at Enabled or even Enabled + Boost.

Image: Reproduction/CS2Image: Reproduction/CS2

Option Enable + Boost It may reduce the FPS rate a little, but it is what ensures maximum latency, deactivating the power saving features and always keeping the GPU at a high clock rate.