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The UK requires a high economic income to grant family visas

The UK requires a high economic income to grant family visas

With Labor at a clear disadvantage in opinion polls for the opposition, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's conservative government is trying to show certainty that the next legislative election, due to take place by the end of January 2025, has yet to be decided. Immigration is an advantage in elections.

After reaching a record number of 745,000 arrivals in 2022, Home Secretary James pledged in December to drastically reduce smart immigration.

“The Home Secretary has pledged to overhaul Britain's immigration system, reduce the persistent level of immigration and ensure that arrivals do not become a burden on the taxpayer,” the Home Office wrote in a press release issued on Thursday. -Friday (Wednesday night in Brasilia).

The announced move adds to others already in place, such as restrictions on health system employees bringing their families, which has sparked fears among companies in the sector over labor shortages.

From January, students are no longer able to bring their loved ones to the UK, with a few exceptions.

The minimum annual salary to qualify for a skilled worker visa has increased from £26,200 to £38,700.

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