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America is working on road charging electric cars

America is working on road charging electric cars

Have you ever imagined recharging the battery without stopping while your electric car is running? That's what Purdue University is fostering. Know more

10 Apr
– 8:36 p.m

(Updated at 9:36 p.m.)

Purdue University in Indiana, USA, and the Department of Transportation are working on a system to allow cars and other electric vehicles. Recharge your batteries while riding.

Photo: Disclosure/Purdue University/CanalTech

The trial began on April 1st (no, this is not a lie, before anyone asks). It has a wireless charging system that will provide power to the battery system of electric cars and trucks.

“If you have a cell phone and you put it on the charger, there are so-called magnetic fields from the charger to the phone, and we're doing the same thing. The only thing is that the power levels are higher. You're traveling more distance from the road to the vehicle,” explained Purdue University researcher Professor Steven Pegarek.

According to Beckerek, this part of the complex system is actually “very simple.” “The complicated parts are in the hands of the automakers,” joked the professor.


The secret is to use coils

Charging cars, trucks and other electric vehicles as they drive down the road isn't magic, it's science. And the “rabbit in the hat”, or rather, the secret Technology Expanded, what could revolutionize this segment is the use of giant coils.

The coils will supply loads ranging from 50 to 350 kW, the first being located on a quarter-mile stretch of US 231/US 52, Cumberland Avenue and Lindbergh Road in West Lafayette, Indiana.

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Construction of the test section should only be ready in 2025, and according to state transportation agency commissioner Joe McGuinness, it could be a game changer because “as electric vehicles become more widely used, the need for convenient charging infrastructure continues. Grow, so the need to innovate is clear.”

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