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Eduardo Bolsonaro and representatives discuss sanctions for Brazil with members of the US parliament

Eduardo Bolsonaro and representatives discuss sanctions for Brazil with members of the US parliament

The group also met Christian Halveston of Cedars House, a Christian organization. “We made the main highlights of what's happening in Brazilian democracy and we were heard,” Deputy Mesias Donato said in a video of the meeting.

A lobby group called the Conservative Caucus, which has also shown support for the Bolsonaro movement, organized a reception for delegates on March 12 at a Capitol Hill club frequented by Republicans, according to Paulo Figueiredo. The commentator said he met with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which describes itself as a group “promoting the God-given right to live and speak the truth”, to discuss approaching the IACHR.

On Wednesday, March 13, the delegation received a petition from the IACHR and presented a petition signed by 76 members of parliament, accusing Moraes of “acts of tyranny”. Document prepared by member Colonel Ulysses. At the meeting, Alan dos Santos said the group was “disappointed” and that the arrest of the plotters on January 8 was “a joke”. This is not the first time that Bolsonaro supporters have presented petitions to the IACHR. In November 2022, both Paulo Figueiredo and Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) did the same, but the complaints still bear no fruit.

“The way politics is structured in America, these thinkers lobby congressmen” and act as “a pressure group,” explained anthropologist and far-right watcher Isabella Galil in an interview. General. In addition, they can assist in financing, sharing resources, and developing strategies for seeking international support. Khalil and Abro agree that Donald Trump's return to the presidency will bolster the Bolsonaroists' charges.

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Members of parliament themselves say they are realizing that the push to go abroad has produced results: “In the beginning, when we were talking, it seemed like we were talking about something illogical,” said one of the members, deputy Pia Kizis (PL-DF). The March delegation told Epoch Times Brazil, which interviewed several members of the delegation. “There was a certain pessimism because of the lack of knowledge, but with Eduardo's participation at CPAC, his connection, between the Bolsonaro family and Trump, all of this brought to light what was happening in Brazil,” he assessed.

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On March 5, Republican Rep. Chris Smith invited 26 senators and 70 representatives to attend an event on the “crisis” before McGovern, the Democratic co-chair of the Commission on Human Rights Tom Landos, received confirmation. “Democracy, Freedom and the Rule of Law in Brazil”.