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UK concert hall becomes center of jokes after cancellation: ‘Manchester’s fire festival’

UK concert hall becomes center of jokes after cancellation: ‘Manchester’s fire festival’

Olivia Rodrigo, Slipknot and Megan the Stallion are some of the artists who have performed at Co-Op Live.

England’s self-described “largest indoor arena”, Cooperative direct, did not please its audience. The venue should be open with programs Peter K on 23rd and 24th April, but failed the power test and the shows were postponed to 29th and 30th of the same month. Then, a show Black keys The shows ran from April 27 to May 15 Peter K Postponed again.

Last Wednesday, 1st, program A boogie wit da hoodie Co-op Live was canceled 10 minutes after opening due to “technical issues with the venue”. As a result, many fans were disappointed: “We traveled two hours, it’s too bad, you’re going to cancel, cancel early, so we don’t come here and spend money,” said one fan. NME.

“Thousands of people waiting outside, and you cancel half an hour after the doors are supposed to open?”, the friend added. “It’s stupid.” Another participant said he considered never returning to the arena: “I have to watch take that There next week, if it’s cancelled, I think the stadium might not open for months. They must cancel all events. It’s just a lack of professionalism. “

Her friend added: “It’s more about money than anything else. A message the night before would have been perfect so they didn’t have to spend so much money on everything – train tickets were about £30. They already had it. A lot of the problems they didn’t know about.”

“Everyone doubts that Olivia Rodrigo If appears take that It appears… for all future events, everyone expects only the worst. “I’m not surprised that it was cancelled, but it’s still a disappointing feeling,” he continued.

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“It looks like it Fire festival From Manchester,” said one boy, referring to the case of the festival depicted in a documentary of the same name. “It’s a joke in this place.”

Contacted the co-operative society NMEBut did not comment on the cases.