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Buenos Aires will place the detainees in containers

Buenos Aires will place the detainees in containers

The Mayor of Buenos Aires, Jorge Macri, announced on Friday the third of this month that he would use containers to temporarily house detainees. According to the politician, the initiative aims to create more space for prisoners to be transferred to the prison system.

A total of 19 containers will be installed at three police stations in the fenced areas, creating 300 new spaces. Next to the Minister of Security. Patricia BullrichMacri attributed the overcrowding of criminals to the previous government.

He also pointed to the significant increase in the number of prisoners in the city, rising from 60 to more than 2,000 between 2020 and 2024.

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In addition to installing new quarters, the city council wants to make house arrest possible with 2,000 electronic ankle bracelets for low-risk inmates. The deportation of illegally detained foreigners, aimed at freeing up space in overcrowded facilities, is also in the authorities’ plans. “It makes no sense for Argentina to spend its resources on someone who comes to commit crimes,” Macri said.

The Mayor of Buenos Aires seeks to reduce prison overcrowding

The mayor stressed the need to act quickly, considering that about 80 arrests take place daily in the capital. The proposed measures are expected to be implemented within the next 90 days. This should create at least 600 vacant positions in police stations and detention centers in the city.

The measures are announced after a series of prison escapes in April, with 19 people escaping since the start of the year and a total of 41 in 2023. The initiative seeks to deal with the overload in the city’s prison system, which is facing a crisis. Critical state of congestion.

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