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The referee does not reach the PC because of the hero talent agency • Eurogamer.pt

The referee does not reach the PC because of the hero talent agency • Eurogamer.pt

You don’t want to see your photo used on computer versions.

SEGA has decided to expand the talent of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio with the Judgment series, which was crafted with the help of real actors, who lent their image and voice to the main characters in this new feature.

However, by collaborating with characters who are very popular among the Japanese, SEGA may have found a way to help attract attention and increase the quality of judgment, but it may also have encountered some obstacles.

After the situation with Pierre Takei, who was arrested in March 2019, forced a judge to remove him from Japanese stores and change his character model to remove his presence from the game, SEGA is now dealing with a new setback regarding the cast. who participate in the series. This time, it is Takuya Kimura who gives the image and voice to the protagonist Yagami, who is in the middle.

Although unknown in the West, Kimura is a Japanese singer and actor, a kind of giant star in his country, who often appears in advertisements for brands like Levis or Ray-Ban, as you can see below, raising the level of scrutiny with which your agency manages to use your image and share the actor.

According to the Japanese Nikkan Taishu, by redditIt was precisely this level of rigor and restrictions that prevented SEGA from releasing the PC versions of Judgment and Lost Judgment. Apparently, Kimura’s agency does not want to see the actor’s photo, even in a virtual format, on a platform like a computer, which is not a video game console and is connected to the Internet.

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Johnny’s, Kimura’s agency, limits the number of images and use of the actor’s face even on their website, and doesn’t allow SEGA games to be released on PC, which is causing inconvenience for SEGA and could lead to the series ending after Lost Judgment. Alternatively, SEGA may have to find another actor to revive Yagami or remake the character and introduce another hero.