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An extraordinary volcano that expels 80 grams of gold per day and is located in a place you wouldn't even imagine

An extraordinary volcano that expels 80 grams of gold per day and is located in a place you wouldn't even imagine

Mount Erebus in Antarctica is one of 1,600 active volcanoes that make up the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Reyna Campos Capa

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Our scientific journey takes us to… Mount ErebusIts peak rises to 3794 meters above sea level, in Antarctica. It has the most significant volcanic activity at these latitudes on Earth – since at least 1972 – and is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Added to its maximum position in AntarcticaMount Erebus has notable features such as the lava lake that can be seen from the crater.

However, what has recently caught the attention of geologists and economists is… The unique gold dust he expels every dayat an amount close to 80 gramsWhich will be pure gold.

Conor Bacon of Columbia University noted that the gold found in Erebus emissions is a fascinating window into underlying geological processes, and perhaps new forms of mining.

According to scientists, The volcano expels tiny golden crystals into its clouds of steam and gasWhich can be found in a radius of more than 1000 km.

Interest in exploration would jeopardize biodiversity conservation

Studies indicate that the gold spewing from Mount Erebus will result from unknown amounts of minerals and metals found beneath the Antarctic soil, brought to the surface by the volcano.

Mount Erebus
These discoveries open new doors to explore minerals hidden in Antarctic ice.

What is more complicated about this situation is that the discovery goes beyond what is scientific, because it causes a Excessive interest in mineral exploration Found in protected and remote areas of the planet.

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The economic interest raises controversy about preserving biodiversity on the White Continent due to its great potential in the field of mineral exploration.

An opportunity to collect data and design future scenarios according to Mount Erebus emissions

It must always be kept in mind that research conducted in such extreme environments on Earth entails enormous logistical challenges.

For example, Scientific trips are limited in duration and frequency Because they must transport supplies – such as water and food – along with research equipment and tools under complex weather conditions.

The ongoing activity of Mount Erebus volcano represents an excellent opportunity to illustrate the impacts that its emissions will have on Antarctica's biodiversity, and thus the planet.

Hey The mysterious Mount Erebus will continue to attract adventurers and scientists Its magic is due to the golden mystery surrounding its clouds, which in turn will provide concrete answers to what is happening under the ice of Antarctica and its potential hidden treasures.