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Nubank announces subscription plan with cashback and MAX access

Nubank announces subscription plan with cashback and MAX access

As TudoCelular predicted last Monday (22), Nubank has formalized the partnership with streaming platform MAX (For example HBO Max) for clients who adhere to certain criteria set by the fintech.

The good news: This is not limited to Nubank Ultravioleta customers (which requires a very high credit card spending pattern) – but at the same time it is not available to everyone.

The financial institution today announced “Nubank+” (“Plus”), which is essentially a service subscription platform with many benefits. The offer targets users who spend a minimum of R$ 3,500 per month on their credit card, and guarantees benefits such as cashback on various partner services, and access to the basic MAX plan – yes, the plan with ads From the streaming platform.

In terms of cashback, users will receive 0.5% back on every credit card purchase, without expiration or expiration date, and can be withdrawn from ATMs; Or converted into points or airline miles by Nubank's partner companies. Speaking of withdrawals, Nubank+ subscribers enjoy unlimited free withdrawals on a 24-hour network.

For comparison purposes, non-platform users must pay a fee of R$6.50 per withdrawal. MAX subscription is valid for 12 months under the Basic plan. Separately, the subscription to this service costs R$ 29.90 per month.

In the words of Nubank CEO, Livia Chanis:

“We are always looking to provide the best benefits to our customers and see the opportunity to provide benefits not only in the use of our products, but also in solutions for their daily lives.”

Another feature of Nubank+ is the “Smart Alert”, which basically warns you if the account registered for auto-debit has a higher value than usual, giving you a specific time to prepare accordingly to pay it.

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The offers have scalability and can be purchased – as long as you meet the minimum criteria – for R $ 29 per month. The fintech confirmed that subscription takes place in a gradual distribution process, so that those interested can follow the Nubank application on their devices or the email registered in the account.