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Is WhatsApp Banned?  Here are 4 tricks to find out

Is WhatsApp Banned? Here are 4 tricks to find out

Today, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps among Brazilians. Among its functions is the ability to block other users.

But how do you know if this feature has been used against you? When this happens, the blocked person does not receive any kind of signal or notification. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to some details to see if there is a blockage.

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So here are four tips to find out if someone blocked you.

1. Messages are not being delivered

When a number is blocked, it is impossible to send any messages. Therefore, if you send something and the message does not appear as delivered, it is very likely that it did not, in fact, reach the user.

In these cases, the conversation will continue to look normal to you, but you will not receive anything you send to the other person.

2. You cannot add the person to a new group

When blocked, your number also cannot be entered into the groups you create. This will only be possible if someone else, with an issued number, adds the contact to the group.

3. Unable to call the number

Just as messages are not delivered, calls to a number that has blocked you also cannot be made. You may have access to the call icon, but the other contact cannot see the call.

4. The person’s profile is not shown to you

When you are blocked, you will also not be able to access the profile information of the respective contact. Among the image data, condition and “last seen” information.

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These tips are strong indicators that your number has been blocked. However, as WhatsApp itself says, it is difficult to determine if a contact is actually blocked.

sthat it If you notice all of these signs related to a contact, that person may have blocked you, but there are other possibilities. This information is intentionally obscure to protect your privacy when blocking someone. Therefore, we cannot determine if your number has been blocked by a particular contact.