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The player goes out with the singer and is homophobic

The player goes out with the singer and is homophobic

With this confirmation, he became the target of homophobic comments on his latest Instagram photos. “You really had to be from Sao Paulo to like sausages,” one said. Another said: “It's hard to know who it is! There's not enough care.” A third said: “He takes ballet lessons, but says he fights karate.”

In light of these attacks, some fans suggested that the star ban his posts and criticized his biased stance. One said: “If I were that guy, I would turn off comments because homophobes get nervous.” “What impresses me is the 15-year-olds who come forward to leave so many homophobic and transphobic comments, and what lack of education they receive in their homes,” highlighted another.

Pablo Vittar was also mentioned in the player's photos after the relationship was confirmed. “Pablo's good taste,” someone joked. “Pablo never makes mistakes,” another reinforced. A third said: “I don't know who is luckier, you or Pablo.”

Polidoro is 27 years old, a defender, and is currently without a club. The athlete started his professional career with Sao Paulo, and his last team was the French club US Evry, for which he played between 2022 and 2023. He played for teams such as Boavista, São Caetano, Portuguesa and GS Kallithea of ​​Greece.

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