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Companies suspend steel production, transportation and household products in Republika Srpska

Companies suspend steel production, transportation and household products in Republika Srpska

Companies that maintain factories in cities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul announced that they have stopped production in their units amid the rains that have struck the state since last week. Storms caused damage in about one in three municipalities.

Tramontina has suspended production at two factories located in the city of Carlos Barbosa in the Serra Gaucha. In these units there will only be maintenance of machines.
The company that produces household products granted collective leave to four thousand employees. The return is scheduled to take place on the sixteenth of this month. The statement added, “Other employees in the administrative and commercial sectors continue to work, while reducing the number of teams and allowing home offices for those who need them.”

Two other units also operating in the city will get furloughs only in certain sectors, which are still being determined. Director Jose Paulo Medeiros says furloughs will be prioritized for employees who need more travel.

Gerdau, the country’s largest steel producer, has suspended its activities in Charqueadas and Riograndense, in the Porto Alegre urban area, until Sunday (5). “The decision was made with the aim of people’s safety and so that employees can be close to their families in this difficult time for the people of Rio Grande do Sul.”
The company guarantees that the stoppage will not affect deliveries to customers, and “that none of the units were affected by the storms.”

Randoncorp, which produces transportation equipment, has suspended in-person operations at its units in Caxias do Sul, Farrubela and Flores da Cunha. The strike will continue until Sunday, and will return on Monday (6). Other company employees will work from home.

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