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“BBB24” champion, Daffy loses thousands of followers after Manny Rigo’s outburst

“BBB24” champion, Daffy loses thousands of followers after Manny Rigo’s outburst

david brito, hero “BBB24”, She still lost thousands of followers on social media after her outburst Manny Rigo, This Saturday the 20th, after reaching 10.5 million, it currently has 10.1 million, gaining a following even from the singer. Anita.

Mane broke his silence and spoke out Amid the controversy surrounding his relationship with the former BBB. She used her Instagram account to talk about the topic, and received the support of many celebrities, in addition to that, unlike Devi, she gained many followers, more than half a million at least.

“Out of respect for each and every one of you who walk with me. I ask that you understand the silence of the past 48 hours. “This moment has helped prevent me from committing transgressions or making judgments about which I have not yet processed the information,” she began, also removing from her profile the information that That she was in a relationship with the app driver and also stopped following him.

“The feeling is that in the 21st century, after becoming a mother at the age of 16 to my only son, and having gone through and still going through (like everyone) many difficulties, I have to see the change in my relationship status.” Through interviews, and still others we get to know each other, and listen, not through online comments, but words that come out on national television from someone we've been with long enough to have a complicit relationship. . This, like magic, has become like a product where a person chooses which shelf it should be on.

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“I am Manny, the woman I met who dried my tears in the most difficult moments, who applauded me, who made me grow and rediscover myself. We know and feel the truth not only in words, but also in our gestures,” he concluded with gratitude.