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It didn't last long!  Arthur Aguiar breaks down his diet on the first day after BBB: 'Slutty'

It didn’t last long! Arthur Aguiar breaks down his diet on the first day after BBB: ‘Slutty’

Just a day away from the BBB, Arthur Aguiar has broken his diet and disappointed Maíra Cardi; research

It seems that the diet Arthur Agyar I’m still not back to normal after winning the Big Brother Brazil 22. Is this even at home and next to the wife Mira Cardi, The actor still hasn’t stopped kicking donuts.

This Thursday (28) millionaire Recorded by Influencer Fitness to earn bonus from your personal trainer. Mira Cardi She wasn’t too happy that her plan was to get her husband back on track and back to a healthy diet.

“Look, production. I’m here on my chicken with salad, I called a character to work on and what does the character bring? Knee [salgado de presunto e queijo]. O my people! “ She is my doubt.

Arthur Aguiar celebrated the gift and then sent the delicious relish inside: “Forget it! The bakery is open, brother.”

“You’re filthy, where I’m going…there’s nowhere else to hide the man,” added Mira Cardiwho is struggling to get her husband back in shape.

Earlier, the slimming effect was charged Arthur Agyar About the challenge he was willing to take on. For those who don’t remember, the brother asked the BBB that his wife put him on a strict diet for a month to dry up whatever he earned on the ground. But the millionaire seems no longer interested in “the system”.

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fitness influencer Mira Cardi Opened with followers this Wednesday (27) a very sensitive moment for the daughter. That’s a wife Arthur Agyarhero Big Brother Brazil 22sI mentioned that small Sophia She missed her father so badly, she even had fits of crying during the night.

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On her Instagram account, the slimming coach showed audio recordings of a three-year-old girl requesting the presence of her father. The little girl was angry with her mother because she did not understand very well what was happening to her. Arthur Be very far away.