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The company that reads the water bills in Porto Alegre is notified

The company that reads the water bills in Porto Alegre is notified

Photo: Luciano Lanes/DMAE

a Mother (Municipal Water and Sewerage Department Porto Alegre) issued Notify the company F.IMMResponsible for reading water bills and reporting contract termination. The reason is to record a series of complaints from service users in the municipality.

According to the department, the reading was made incorrectly. And repeatedly, because this is the fourth notification given by the town hall.

Dmae’s solution, though not solving the situation, would be to bill based on the correct average consumption for the last few months for users with a read error of more than 30% above the usual value. For this, the department will implement a protection network in reading the extension of the next jurisdiction accounts, which began on Wednesday (5).

Depreciation will be ascertained with the average of the branch line, and if the value is higher, invoices will be issued with depreciation calculated at that previous rate for the next three months or until the able company can prove its condition to perform the service.

“We will use cut-and-break teams to carry out the necessary checks and provide corrected accounts,” says Mauricio Luce, Dmae’s general manager.

The Ministry estimates that the situation will be resolved between the next 30 and 45 days.


The directive is for customers who have not received the invoice to reach or email the virtual store this is the address.

Those who find a possible misreading can request a review of the bill via the same e-mail, including the property number and informing the last four black digits on the water meter, in writing or by photo. Correcting the invoice and returning the letter can take between seven and ten business days.

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