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After 55 years, the truth behind Twix surprises chocolate lovers

After 55 years, the truth behind Twix surprises chocolate lovers

The vast majority of us have enjoyed Twix chocolate – one of the most popular chocolates found in markets around the world, including Brazil.

As many already know, this well-known delicacy, which is native to Mars, consists of a sponge cake covered in caramel and dipped in chocolate.

Twix, one of the most popular types of chocolate, can be recognized by its gold, red and white packaging. Inside, two delicious biscuits wrapped in caramel and chocolate are waiting for you. However, have you ever wondered about the origin of his strange name?

The name is not a simple random invention, it has a direct relationship to the shape of the product. This curiosity recently surfaced in a conversation on Twitter, when a chocolate-hungry consumer directly asked the brand about an alleged theory they’d heard.

The Twix fan asked, “I heard that ‘twix’ is a contraction of ‘double cookie sticks.’ Does this continue?” ‘, which translated into Portuguese would be ‘twin sticks’.

Image: shutterstock.

This revelation is sure to make the Twix tasting experience even more interesting, as we learn the meaning behind its name. After all, the fun isn’t just in tasting, but also in discovering the stories that surround our favorite desserts.

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